2021: Ministry of Labour of Qatar gets over 2,000 labour complaints

Doha: Statistics for the year 2021 have been issued by the Ministry of Labour of Qatar. According to the information provided by the ministry, there were 2,173 labour complaints lodged against enterprises in the previous year.

According to the Ministry, 1,855 of these complaints are currently being processed, 69 have been resolved, and 249 have been sent to committees.

Complaints by domestic employees against their employers reached 104, with 62 now under investigation, 26 resolved, and 16 submitted to administrative hearings or committees. It was discovered that the public had lodged 113 complaints against institutions, and all of them were successfully resolved.

In 2021, the Ministry of Labour of Qatar conducted 2,909 inspections. Companies received 558 warnings during these inspections, and 246 violation reports were generated against them as a result of the investigations.

The ministry also stated that just 15 petitions for professional change were turned down out of a total of 2,985 submissions. In addition, 490 additional recruiting requests were turned down out of 1409 total. In addition, 38 establishments were barred from doing business with the ministry because they had violated the Labor Law.

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