28 women among 284 candidates in the final list for the Shura Council Elections

Doha: For the Shura Council elections set for October 2, 284 candidates, including 28 women, are expected to run in thirty electoral districts. Yesterday, the Shura Council Election Supervisory Committee released the final list of candidates after the deadline for expressing grievances and disagreement to the preliminary statements had ended.

Legally mandated norms and regulations allow candidates to begin their electoral campaigns immediately. There will be 24 hours between the completion of the campaign and the commencement of the voting process. As a result of a collaboration between the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, a number of gymnasiums and youth centres have been designated to host seminars and present electoral plans for candidates. After alerting the Supervisory Committee, a candidate has the authority to arrange a seminar at his own expense in a hotel.

Qatar Media Corporation developed a new website in August to allow candidates to appear in the media on numerous platforms, with equal possibilities, to promote themselves and their programmes to the voters in the electoral districts, as part of the facilities. Among the services offered are personal photography, an introduction video for the candidate and his electoral programme, audio and visual recording, as well as a television interview and a radio interview with the candidate himself.

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