2G everywhere? IPhone users can now pull out the vaccination certificate even faster

The incidences are rising and rising, Corona has awakened from its slumber and necessary 2G access regulations are taking effect more and more and are mandatory in some federal states. It would be practical to be able to pull out the digital vaccination certificate even faster now. Now there is a new way to do this.

Vaccination certificate at hand on the iPhone even faster: the app makes it possible

As we predicted in June, the digital vaccination certificate is experiencing a revival these days. Because of the fourth corona wave The so-called 2G regulation already applies in many federal states or the introduction is hotly debated. If you want to go to the restaurant or the cinema, you have to prove that you have been vaccinated or have recovered. Most people will do this with the corresponding certificate in the Corona-Warn-App or the CovPass-App. But you always have to “dig it out” first – unlock the iPhone, start the app and then present the certificate with the QR code.

in the Video we explain how this generally works with the digital vaccination card:

That would be more practical, however Storage of the vaccination record in the iPhone’s wallet app. Then, as with Apple Pay, all you have to do is tap the home button or the sidebar twice and you can open the certificate in Apple Wallet without having to unlock the iPhone first. Unfortunately, the two German apps do not transfer the certificate to Apple Wallet – data protection concerns.

A first solution to the problem, which we have already described, is the creation of such a passport via a special website. Yet more quickly is now possible with an appavailable for everyone in Apple’s App Store.

And this is how it works: explained step by step

For this we just take the Free app “Covid Free GR Wallet” from the Greek state. This allows you to scan every EU vaccination certificate and then transfer it to the Apple Wallet. But watch out: After the download, the app is initially only available in Greek, but we can change this immediately and then take action. That’s how it works …

We open the app and type on the top right of the wheel and choose the first point.

Now we can Setting the language, from the pull-down menu we choose “English”. We return to the surface and tap the plus. Now we have the option of either importing a document with a matching QR code as a PDF or scanning it with a camera.

Then we find the vaccination certificate in the app. If we now tap on it, we get the option: “Add to Wallet”. The rest is self-explanatory.

If someone asks us for our digital vaccination certificate, we can pull it out even faster with the iPhone. Important to know: For this to work (double tap on the home button or side button), Apple Pay must first be configured. That’s it already.

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