3-year-old boy who jumped on bed falls from fourth floor and dies in Harlem

Police line.

Police line.

Photo: Tony Webster, CC BY-SA 4.0 / Wikimedia Commons

Only three days before his birthday, the little Daniel Galeas died after fall from a fourth floor on Harlem.

Was in the care of her aunt and jumping on a bed when the tragedy happened. The authorities, according to pick up Telemundo, it is not clear yet if the little one fell through the window or through a crack in the air conditioning.

In the bedroom, the air conditioner was over the window, next to the bed, with a device smaller than the hole for that purpose.

For its part, Daily News quotes a police source that relates that an adult who was in the same room as the child was unable to hold it before he fell onto concrete steps four stories below.

A neighbor who saw the child on the ground called the authorities, who transferred the child to the Harlem hospital, but nothing his could do for saving his life.

Maria rivera, the child’s grandmother, declared that he was in the care of his aunt, since his mother was working.

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