450 people referred for violating the Covid-19 precautionary measures in Qatar

Doha: On Monday, the designated authorities referred 450 people to the prosecution for violating the Covid-19 preventive measure in Qatar (January 10, 2022).

293 persons were cited for not wearing masks, 143 for failing to maintain a safe physical distance, and 14 for failing to download the Ehteraz app.

The restrictions on Covid-19 are in accordance with the Cabinet’s decision on the matter. In closed public places, all citizens and residents must wear masks.

Masks are required in all public areas, closed or open in Qatar. The only exceptions are individuals who engage in sports or exercise in open areas.

According to the Ministry, multiple people have been prosecuted for breaking COVID19 preventive and precautionary measures in place as a result of infractions of the infectious diseases law 17 of 1990.

“The authorities urge the public to adhere to the precautionary and preventive decisions in force to protect them and others from the spread of Coronavirus in society,” the statement continued.

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