5 and 3 year old cousins ​​die poisoned by eating poisonous fruit while playing

Two cousins ​​identified as Jhofran Mathías González Chaya, 5 years old and Amira Jhasley Chaya Valera, 3 years old, they lost their lives by eating the fruit of a plant that grew in the garden of a house which is poisonous in Colombia.

The tragedy occurred in the Montecitos de Río de Oro village in the Cesar department, where the two children of Venezuelan nationality were spending a vacation.

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The two innocents were taken to the hospital Emiro Quintero Cañizarez after ingesting the fruit of the Bonetero plant, commonly known as Manzanillo, which they consumed since they thought it was a fruit.

Unfortunately in the first place the girl died 3-year-old while the 5-year-old lost his life when doctors were about to transfer him to a hospital specialized in Cúcuta to receive expert attention on the subject.

“They innocently tasted of that fruit and it turns out that two such fruits cause death. The symptoms were diarrhea, seizures, cardiac arrhythmia, “said Gleidi Valera, mother of one of the victims, about what happened when the children ate the poisonous fruit.

After the death of the children, inhabitants of that town cut down the plants of this species that grew near their homes.

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