5 Features That Slow Your Site Down And Lower Your Google Rank

Google search engine relies on a set of features And the various factors that rank sites in their search pages.

So you might find a topic from one site on the first page and another topic on the last page.

Site speed is one of the biggest factors affecting Google’s ranking, as the search engine doesn’t want to send users to a slow site.

And some of the features and add-ons that developers put on their sites made it slower and thus lowered Google’s ranking for it.

Social media buttons

Many websites and companies have pages on different social media platforms, and it is a major step in advertising for them.

So they put buttons that link these pages to their site, but these buttons take up a portion of the page space that appears.

Some developers use buttons that are too big and take up too much space and are poorly shaped, and those big buttons make the site slower.

These buttons should only be used rarely or if they add something to your user experience.

Ad codes from Google or others

A lot of sites rely on ads from Google Adsense or other companies as their main source of income.

So some people rush to put a lot of ad codes on the page and make the page fill with it, and this causes the site to become slower.

Especially if you are not using a powerful plugin and can withstand such heavy and many codes, and there are a variety of codes such as gifs or videos.

And you shouldn’t use too many ad codes on your homepage, because it annoys users and makes the site a lot slower.

Java features

Java is still one of the most important web development languages ​​that many developers rely on, because it provides them with complete control over the site.

However, Java is a little slower to use than other languages ​​that are processed from the server side rather than the user’s computer.

This means that showing Java operators and translating command lines into something tangible needs to use the user’s computer rather than the server.

This causes the site to slow down significantly and reduce its ranking in Google, so do not use Java codes except in necessary cases.

Unoptimized photos

Images help users understand what you are saying, make the page look better and thus attract more users to stay on it.

But if you don’t use these images properly or appropriately, you may destroy your site’s speed and Google ranking along with it.

So you should always use the smallest size and area of ​​images you can access provided the images remain visible and beautiful.

You can use web image formats such as Webp which has become one of the most popular website image formats now.

Bad CSS Formats

Some sites rely on CSS to design the aesthetic aspects of the site, making it look nicer and more personalized.

But some of these codes are big and bad, which makes the site become slower and unable to display properly.

Therefore, you should not use a lot of complex CSS code which can cause the site to become heavy and slow and thus lower its ranking.

You can rely on one of the code compression tools to be able to take advantage of it and get the best possible result.

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