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6th Dates Festival provides an educational experience for children

The 6th Dates Festival at Souq Waqif gives many families an opportunity to educate their children about various types of fresh dates and their nutritional value. 

The success of the festival indicates the importance of dates to everyone.

Hundreds of families visit the festival everyday. Even children accompany their parents which gives them chances to find out the varieties and their nutritional value.

According to one exhibitor, people, both residents and citizens, take the festival as an opportunity to explore different varieties of local dates.

“The festival allows all ages to attend, allowing visitors, especially families from different nationalities, to bring their children and to educate them about the types of dates,” he said.

The festival is a good turnout, he opined. Sale is also good for the exhibitors, he said.

The festival has started on July 15 which will end on July 31.

More than 100 tonnes of fresh dates have been sold at the festival since its opening.

The festival is organized by MME and Soul Waqif administration.There are 82 farms participate in the festival.










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