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7 referred to prosecution by Ministry of Interior for spreading false messages

MoI refers seven to prosecution for misuse of social media

Seven individuals were referred to the Public Prosecution for spreading false messages using social media. The messages were intended to cause racial and tribal strife in the country. The Competent authorities at the Ministry of Interior took the necessary action by referring the individuals to the Public Prosecution for the incident.

The Ministry of Interior stated about the incident on its social media account in Arabic.

The authorities at the Ministry of Interior found out the content published in their accounts and related to the subject of the accusation, and then referred them to the Public Prosecution to complete its procedures.

The Competent authorities at MoiI found the content which was published in their accounts that was related to the subject of accusation. They took a sudden action by referring them to the Public Prosecution.

MoI confirmed that it will take legal actions if any of the people misuse social media for spreading false messages or adopt racist discourse threatening society’s harmony, stability and security.










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