9 free games: Amazon gives you Tomb Raider, Control and more

In November you can get great gifts at Prime Gaming: Amazon is giving you 9 free games this month, including Rise of the Tomb Raider, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Control: Ultimate Edition.

Shortly before the end of the year, Prime Gaming is giving you nine free games as well as numerous exclusive content for your top games. The free games include Tomb Raider and Dragon Age represent two hugely popular franchises, which are also reinforced by the sci-fi blast Control: Ultimate Edition. Together with the content for games like FIFA 22 and League of Legends, November 2021 could even be the best month yet for Prime Gaming members.

9 free games: Prime Gaming in November

An Amazon Prime membership is definitely worth it for gamers in November. With 9 free games you can secure and keep a great selection of free games – and there is also exclusive content for various other top gamesthat you already own. Combined with the Prime benefits on Black Friday, November is a real highlight month.

Prime Gaming: Free games in November

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Control: Ultimate Edition
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Rogue heroes
Puzzle agent 2
Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter
BAFL – Brakes Are For Losers
Secret Files: Sam Peters

In addition to the free games, which you can redeem for your PC, will include the following exclusive content among the prime gaming highlights in November.

League of Legends: 650 Riot Points, a skin worth 1350 RP that players have not yet owned, 5 permanent Champion Shards, 200 Orange Essence, two sets of Eternals from Series 1 and 30 days of RP Boost
FIFA 22: Prime gaming pack
New World: Robin Hood pack with outfit, emote and 5 color packs
Far Cry 6: Vaquero bundle consisting of: Vaquero outfit set (hat, vest, pants, boots, bracelet), El Caballero Blanco Pistol, Julia’s Last Stand Rifle, Pocket Watch Weapon Charm, Vaquero’s Ride Horse, Yaran Horseshoe Vehicle Mirror Prop, One Small Pesos Pack (3000 Pesos)

In our video we show you the game highlights for 2021:

Prime Gaming really flexes its muscles in November and gives gamers a considerable collection of games: Nine games, including triple-A games such as Control and Rise of the Tomb Raider, will make the coming month a real highlight.

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