A Baptist leader resigned after weeks of division in sex abuse investigation

Ronnie floyd, high position of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) resigned from office after weeks of internal divisions stemming from the research management on the response of that institution to reports of sexual abuse.

The President and CEO of the Executive Committee announced his decision in a critical statement with decisions on the independent review that is underway.

“Due to my personal integrity and the leadership responsibility entrusted to me, I will not fulfill nor will I be able to continue fulfilling the tasks that I have been entrusted as leader of the executive, fiscal and fiduciary entity of the SBC ”, he indicated. Your decision will be effective at the end of the month.

Ongoing research addresses the bad handling that has been done of reports of sexual abuse and mistreatment of survivors.

After several meetings and mounting pressure, The divided committee voted to waive the privilege of attorney and client in the investigation, and agreed to deliver legally protected records to the investigators. It is the largest Protestant institution in the United States, plagued by sex abuse scandals for years. Press reports reported hundreds of cases in 2019, in which some of the attackers even remained in their positions.

With information from The Associated Press.

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