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A school radio station is launched for the first time in Qatar by MESIS

The Abu Hamour branch of MES Indian School (MESIS) has created Qatar’s first school radio station. As the “where education meets entertainment” station, MESIS Radio Station 2.0 will broadcast a wide array of edutainment programmes ranging from trivia quizzes to interviews to songs to speeches to birthday wishes.

School board president Abdul Karim officially inaugurated the new radio station in school. Dr Mohammed Haneef, the principal, came up with the concept. The radio station, which has the backing of the school administration, strives to improve the spoken and extempore abilities of MESIS students.

Shifin and Vini, both of Radio Malayalam 96.8 FM, attended the function. The school radio station’s setting impressed both RJs. A lot of emphasis was placed on boosting the confidence and communication abilities of the learners as a result of this programme.

Shama and Falaq, the school’s first junior RJs, expressed their appreciation and joy at being the city’s first junior RJs. This group of students vowed to carry out the school’s purpose with confidence and pride. It was an honour for the visitors to honour the mentors of the junior RJ team, Zeba Adam and Zeniya Azeem, and congratulate them for their efforts.

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