A thermal power plant in western Turkey has been shut down after forest fires reached its site

Turkey announced today, the suspension of the operation of a thermal power plant due to forest fires and the evacuation of all personnel working in it. The incident occurred in the west of the country as the forest fire threatened massive damage by entering the premises.

Mr Fahrettin Altun, Head of the Communication Department of the Turkish Presidency, explained the situation in a tweet regarding the fire that reached the site of the “Kemrkoy” thermal power plant in Mugla state. “Since it was expected that things would develop and reach this point.” The point is, the Kemerkoy thermal power plant has been suspended, and all its workers have been evacuated immediately.”

Altun stated that since yesterday morning, efforts have been made to control forest fires in Milas district by land and air. They managed to prevent the fires from reaching the site of the mentioned station, and the fires in the entire area were brought under control by the afternoon of the same day.

He continued… Because the wind speed reached 60 km per hour, the fire ignited again, and it was controlled again by the timely interference by land and air, but after the evening the wind speed increased and changed direction, which led to the fire reaching some points at the station’s site.

Forest fires affected several states in southern and southwestern Turkey, including Antalya, Adana, Mugla, Mersin and Osmaniye, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced them earlier as “disaster areas.”

The death toll from those fires amounted to 6 deaths and dozens of injuries, while the relevant authorities were able to extinguish most of them. 

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