A total of 20 falcons qualified in Al Daw Al Mahalli championships

Doha: In the Al Daw Al Mahalli of Qarnas Hur and Farkh Hur categories of the contests held yesterday, a total of 20 falcons qualified.

Under the patronage of H E Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al Thani, the competition is being held as part of the 13th Qatar International Falconry & Hunting Festival (Marmi). The festival, which is organised by the Qatar Al Gannas Society, will run till January 29.

Qualifying rounds for the Al Tala’a Championship were held yesterday morning. Following the contests, two falconers qualified: Sultan Ahmed Al Nuaimi (Group 21), Saleh Obaid Al Marri (Group 24), Shaheen Salem Al Dosari (Group 25).

“The fifth day’s competitions started in the midst of the wind, but the vision was clear,” said Head of Al Tala’a Committee, Muhammad bin Mubarak Al Ali.

He said that the competition qualified three falconers, increasing the total to eleven. The inaugural Al Daw Al Mahalli competition for the categories Qarnas Hur and Farkh Hur took place on the evening of the fifth day of the Marmi Festival 2022. Ten falcons qualified for each category, with the best time to reach the target.

“I am happy to qualify today, as I have been participating since 2016 and won first place in 2017 in Al Tala’a competition,” said Shaheen Salem Shaheen Al Dosari.

The qualifiers for the Al Daw Al Malli tournament in the categories of Qarnas Hur and (Farkh Hur) indicated they were well prepared for the upcoming competitions. The wind, they added, put the falcons’ abilities, physical fitness, and speed in achieving the target to the test, where significant numbers were reached despite the high gusts, recognising the role of Qatar Al Qannas society in assisting falconers.

The Al Tala’a Championship for groups 26-30 continues today, while the Hadad Al Tahaddi Championship for group 5 continues tonight.

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