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About 500,000 California homes were without power after flooding

Floods have affected several areas of California

Floods have affected several areas of California

Photo: Ciro Cesar / La Opinion

More than 500,000 homes and businesses were without power after the floods that occurred this weekend due to the rains in northern California, United States.

According to reports from Pacific Gas & Electric, which is headquartered in San Francisco, California, “Crews have been working non-stop since a historic atmospheric storm crashed into California on Sunday. Since midnight Sunday, we have restored service to more than 500,000 customers, and 83 percent of us have it back in six hours. We will not rest until all clients recover ”.

The company added that “as of this afternoon, there are 50,000 clients of Bay Area experiencing weather-related disruptions. Below the 68,000 customers who left at 6 am today. Thank you for your patience. Hundreds of crews are working to make repairs. “

The electrical failure was so serious that they detailed that “the crews continue to respond to the approximately 2,200 power outages caused by the enormous storm. Almost half are affecting a single customer. We appreciate your patience as the crews work safely and quickly to regain energy. ”

For its part, the Sacramento Weather Service issued a winter storm warning, “which is in effect until 11:00 at night, so avoid traveling to the mountains if possible.”

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