Adding a Hard Disk to a MacBook Without Opening It

Everyone knows that you cannot add any hard disk to MacBook computers, especially modern ones, as there is no place for adding an additional hard disk in the motherboard.

Apple also integrates the hard drive with the motherboard by heat welding, so you can’t change it.

The only way to get more space on a Mac is to get it with more space from the start.

But Satechi has changed that equation, making you able to connect M.2 SSDs to MacBooks without opening it.

Adding a hard drive to a MacBook without opening it

This method does not depend on connecting an external hard disk, so you don’t need to buy one, and you can use an internal hard disk.

But the disk must be of the M.2 type to be able to benefit from and use this method, and it works via a USB C hub.

The company has introduced a new USB C hub that can accommodate an internal M.2 SSD directly without any connections.

You can also use this hub and therefore the built-in hard drive with iPad laptops that use a USB C port.

And you can get the hard drive for $90 to the distributor only, without adding the price of the hard drive you might want.

The device also works at slightly slower speeds, as the hard disk works at a speed of 5.0 gigabytes per second, which is the usual USB 3.0 speed.

You cannot use NVMe disks with this device, as these disks require much faster speeds and are not recognized by the device.

You can rely on this device if you own more than one Apple device with few USB C ports and want to carry your data.

Or you have an unused M.2 disk and want to make better use of it instead of buying an external hard disk.

It can also convert any M.2 hard drive into an external hard drive, so you can use it with more than one hard drive.

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