Al-Shahbanah distributes tree seedlings in 5 locations

Al-Shahbanah Environmental Association launched a campaign to distribute seedlings of wild trees to the masses in a number of areas, in support of the campaign to plant one million trees. The association chose 5 sites to distribute the seedlings, which are Umm Salal Ali, Al Zubara, Al Sheehaniya, Umm Al-Azham and Buthaila, and chose fuel stations in those locations as a point for distributing the seedlings. Adapting to the environment and absorbing its needs of water and mineral salts from the soil through its roots, which will extend for meters below the surface of the earth. The association, which consists of environmentally-loving members, distributed 300 seedlings of Sidr, Samar and Salam trees in the Zubarah area near a fuel station there. The high turnout from visitors to the station ended up running out of supplies just two hours after the start of the distribution campaign in that area. The campaign organizers explained that the initiative came to promote awareness of the importance of the afforestation process and its positive repercussions on the environment in the State of Qatar.
And they said through a group of tweets on their Twitter account: The environment needs to support afforestation campaigns, as everyone can contribute to afforestation, even by planting one tree. Specific quantities and locations to be planted. Members of the Al-Shahbana Association have completed distribution operations in 4 regions, and the campaign activities will start today, Tuesday, in two locations in Buthila, near the global farm.

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