Al Sheehaniya Municipality to remove 110 abandoned vehicles

An initiative to remove abandoned vehicles in Al Sheehaniya Municipality was initiated yesterday by the Joint Committee for Removing Abandoned Vehicles at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME).

Al Sheehaniya Municipality’s head of general monitoring, Abdullah Sultan Al Naimi, said the programme is intended to remove 110 abandoned vehicles from the city.

Hamad Sultan Al Shahwani, head of the Doha Municipality’s General Monitoring Section, said, “The week-long campaign will gradually move to all areas across the Municipality until the removal of all abandoned vehicles,”

According to him, inspectors have marked all abandoned vehicles in the Municipality, and in collaboration with the Joint Committee, a campaign has been initiated to remove them. Al Shahwani said the campaign was initiated as a result of the Public Hygiene Law No. 18 of 2017 to protect public health and the environment.

Following the joint committee’s action plan, the campaign began in Al Shamal, then moved on to Al Khor, Al Zakhira, Al Daayen, and Umm Salal. As a result of this, it has reached Al Sheehaniya, Al Shahwani stated.

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