Aldi sells iPhone X at a special price – with a small hook

Aldi is now known for selling iPhones every now and then. But you have to be careful at the discounter, because the iPhones are not new. The iPhone X at Aldi seems to be priced but still quite attractive. There is also a practical accessory.

Aldi sells used iPhone X for 349 euros

If you really want to have a cheap iPhone, you can currently access Aldi Talk. The discounter sells the iPhone X in silver with 64 GB of internal storage Price of only 349 euros (look at Aldi Talk). It is a used smartphone that has been completely overhauled. The signs of use should therefore be kept within limits. In addition, Aldi also includes a wireless charging station.

The following applies to refurbished iPhones from Aldi Talk:

The devices are fully reassembled. During this process, the device is completely dismantled, every component is checked for functionality, defective parts are replaced and then reassembled. Only original or OEM parts are used. All devices go through a detailed test process, function test and all data are completely reset. Our extensive and detailed inspection guarantees no discoloration on the LCD display, no gaps, no signs of damage from liquids and only minimal scratches up to a maximum length of 0.5 mm. All devices are completely cleaned, disinfected and sent in a secure box. All products are delivered with a 24 month guarantee.

With the 24 month guarantee you are well secured for two yearseven if there is something wrong with the iPhone X.

in the Video you can take a look at our test of the iPhone X from back then:

Is it still worth buying the iPhone X?

Even if the iPhone X still looks like a modern Apple phone, it was four years under its belt. Technically, the smartphone is already out of date, which you will see, for example, in the image quality of photos. There are updates anyway. Apple is even distributing iOS 15 for the iPhone X. The price of 349 euros is okay, especially with the warranty. But you should really think twice about whether you want to buy such an old iPhone or maybe you do save a little more money and use a newer model.

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