Allegation of alleged domestic violence ends without charges for Chuck Liddell


Without charges, the complaint for domestic violence was filed against Chuck liddell last October 11. This according to the documents available from Los Angeles County District Office.

The reason why the complaint was not specified was for lack of sufficient evidence and the comments indicate that “The officer who arrested him agrees.”. So much Liddell as his wife, Heidi, were named in the document as suspects, with each facing charges for intimate partner violence.

The case was rated as “Cross complaint”, Liddell and his wife accused each other of being assailants in a “Minor incident of domestic violence”. Heidi had no visible wounds, according to the document, while Liddell had one slight red mark on your cheek and a small red mark near your chest. The police interviewed the daughter of Liddell, who stated that he saw his parents pushing each other, but did not see who started the argument.

Liddell, began her divorce proceedings on Friday afternoon at the Los Angeles Court of Justice.

County police de Los Angeles responded to a call made from the home of Liddell on Hidden Hills, California, the morning of October 11 due to domestic disturbances. After it was determined that there was a physical discussion, the officers took Liddell in custody placing the charge of domestic violence. Liddell he was released after posting a $ 20,000 bond hours later.

Hours after his release, Liddell published a statement in his Instagram, and assured that he was the victim and that he decided to go voluntarily instead of his wife.

«This was one of many times that I tried to hide a mental health problem from my family from the public eye. It has already become painfully seemingly that this cannot continue, as our private life has become public. Please respect our privacy as I try to make our family through this difficult time«.

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