Amazon extends returns: do customers have to pay extra now?

There are still a few weeks left until Christmas, but retailers are already preparing. This year, Amazon is also extending the time window for returns until the end of January 2022. But that could have unpleasant consequences for customers.

Order via Amazon from November 1st and be able to return the goods until January 31st, 2022 – sounds great and for many customers it is too. Especially in the bargain season around Black Friday and at the same time in the pre-Christmas business, the new rules from Amazon do it again easier to shop online.

Longer returns on Amazon: price increases at marketplace sellers?

It is there too no matter whether you order something yourself or get presents for Christmas early on. This is precisely where you are often unsure whether you really like it and in the worst case you can claim the return.

At Amazon there are no costs for this. With regard to the environmental impact, you should still be as sure as possible before ordering something in order to avoid unnecessary journeys. The extended time window for returns at Amazon could be for another reason problematic for customers It is also mandatory for external retailers who sell their goods online via the Amazon marketplace.

Some affected retailers expect to have to raise prices. Because Returns are an economic risk for the seller: There are more costs and additional effort, money that has actually already been earned must be reimbursed. The requirements of Amazon go well beyond the valid 14-day right of withdrawal for online purchases.

From an economic point of view, one has to face this risk counter with higher prices, argued retailers, for example, in the course of Amazon’s most recent return extension last year (source: online retailer news). In addition, the long return window would help those customers who would abuse it.

You can find out what you need to know about Amazon and its founder in our Video:

Customers who are sure can bypass Amazon – and save

It is unclear whether and how high a possible price increase at some marketplace dealers can be. For customers who pay attention to the price, however, it can be attractive in the next three months to buy also look around at other platforms. Dealers who use multiple distribution channels or who also sell directly online could offer better prices elsewhere.

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