Amazon, Netflix & Co .: What customers need to know about the planned strike of the EU

The EU is preparing tough regulations for the large online companies. Previous attempts at regulation are no longer sufficient; now the “Digital Markets Act” is supposed to regulate competition. This should be noticeable with customers.

Now it should go quickly: The EU is planning to restrict the power of the large Internet companies. Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook are at the top of the list of those to whom the “Digital Markets Act” is aimed for regulation.

Apple, Amazon, Netflix: EU wants tough rules

It is planned, among other things, that the company Do not favor your own products in search results to be allowed to. Google and Apple are specifically banned from making certain billing requirements for providers in their app stores. Corporations have to meet 20 requirements if they want to do business in Europe. In extreme cases, the EU could even break up corporations in the event of a breach – which, however, is unlikely for international companies based outside Europe.

All companies that use the Access to one or more platforms “control like a doorman” (Source: FAZ) and their global sales exceed 6.5 billion euros and their market capitalization exceed 65 billion euros. So Netflix and Disney + would also be there.

The FAZ went on to say that there is a majority in the member states for the proposals that have now been made. However, the decision has not yet been made, the Council and Parliament of the EU still have to clarify some positions and ultimately bring them to a vote.

What consequences the regulation would have for customers

It’s basically a simple calculation: monopolies benefit businesses and are potentially harmful to consumers. So should customers of the large online corporations benefit from their regulation. How exactly this will look has not yet been determined, but can be read from the example cases on which the DMA’s prohibited lists are based.

The Amazon group is huge today and much more than the original book delivery company – everything you need to know about Amazon is available at Video:

If, for example, Amazon is no longer forced to push its own products in rankings, customers can easier to decide on the right article. That would also be in the interests of the dealers, who would then probably be able to save more returns.

The decisions against Apple and Google’s app platforms could ultimately result in more price pressure, especially since the DMA will also regulate that providers can sell their products elsewhere for less. In the best case scenario, consumers are allowed to do so look forward to falling prices.

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