Amazon Prime Video: Only iPhone users get this ingenious feature

If you use Amazon Prime, you also get Prime Video. The well-known and popular streaming service is now introducing a really ingenious feature. Self-made video clips from films and series can easily be shared – legally. No other streaming provider has yet and is initially only available for Apple users with iPhones.

Amazon is now making it possible for its customers to benefit from Prime Video, any video clips of Prime Video content to share with friends and acquaintances via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp (Source: Amazon). Such a function is a real novelty and is currently not offered by any of the competitors such as Netflix and Co.

Video clips from Amazon Prime Video: At first only possible with the iPhone

But there are conditions: First there is the feature only for iOS, so for Apple’s iPhone users. Anyone who has Android is currently left with nothing. Furthermore, the clip is limited to a length of 30 seconds, but can be edited as desired. At the moment, the feature can only be found in a few series within the X-Ray technology known from Amazon. Users can actually use it at The Boys (1st season), The Wilds, Invincible and Fairfax. But more original Amazon series and films are to follow soon.

The prerequisite is therefore that it is probably for legal reasons Own material from Amazon acts. Purchased content is therefore ruled out.

Why is Amazon doing this?

The sense of the new functions is obvious. On the one hand, people love to talk about their favorite series and want to better accompany them with appropriate clips. But without having to resort to YouTube and Co. and then possibly having to fear legal consequences. On the other hand Amazon customers then advertise the content of the Prime video service free of charge. A classic win-win situation.

What else does Amazon Prime offer for the money? In the video the answers can be found:

According to Amazon, the feature is available from version 8.41 of the Prime Video app. However, we could not find it in a random sample today. The function may only be rolled out gradually or it will generally only come to Germany at a later point in time.

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