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Amazon turned its Echo Show into a 15-inch wall painting


Amazon has introduced its new Echo Show 15: it has made it bigger and completely changed its design. Echo Show hIt is no longer a small screen attached to a smart speaker and has been transformed into a 15-inch painting designed to hang on the wall .

The premise of the Echo Show 15 device is that it is a shared screen so that all members of a household can use the computer as a hub to manage their tasks and to-dos, while also being part of the home décor.

Amazon New Echo Show 15 Features Price

Photo: Amazon

The Echo Show 15 features a 1080p HD display, and for the first time it supports Full HD content to watch series and movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Thanks to its vertical screen, it will also be possible to see TikTok on the Echo Show 15, but this function will not be available in Mexico.

It can be hung both horizontally and vertically and the company says it will soon have accessories to place it in different places (such as a writer stand). Although the real question here is: how can we hide the light cable from the wall?

It also has a 5 megapixel front camera for use in video calls and a new Visual ID feature.

Echo Show 15 will be priced at $ 6,299 pesos.


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