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AMD has to step up: New Intel processors set records

While Intel has been losing more and more ground in the CPU market in recent years, the tide could now turn again. The first reviews of the brand new chips show that AMD has to dress warmly – because Intel is not only back, but has also grabbed the gaming crown again.

Intel Core i-1200: New processors make AMD sweat

Recently, Intel hasn’t exactly covered itself with fame when it comes to new processors. Although the industry leader was able to increase the performance of its chips from year to year, there were no huge leaps in performance.

However, this is exactly what seems to change with the 12th generation of Intel Core processors. Intel is counting on the new models for the first time on a big.LITTLE architecturewhich has so far mainly been used in smartphone chips and has now finally made the leap to a 10 nm manufacturing process.

First reviews of the new Intel Core i5-12600K and i9-12900K are already online – and the results speak for themselves:

Golem: Alder Lake is exactly what many hardware fans have been waiting for for a long time: a significant upgrade over the previous generation. The new hybrid design ensures high performance values ​​and can still work very efficiently with low workloads.
hot: With the Coire i9-12900K, Intel offers the fastest gaming processor currently available. However, if you want to get everything out of the chip, you have to resort to the expensive DDR5 RAM. The new hybrid model of the chip can really show its strengths under Windows 11 – only the power consumption is very high under full load.
Linus Tech Tips: In terms of gaming, both the new i5 and i9 processors can place themselves ahead of AMD in almost all games. However, the power consumption of the i9 model is very high, which also has an effect on the cooling. Even with a powerful CPU cooler, the chip reaches an impressive 90 degrees Celsius. The real star, however, is the i5-12600K, which offers similar gaming performance but is significantly cheaper.
Gamer’s Nexus: The Intel Core i5-12600K is a solid opponent for AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600X. The Intel Core i9-12900K, on ​​the other hand, offers significantly more performance, but also consumes significantly more power, so that interested parties should make sure to get a suitable cooler.

And what else has happened in the gaming and tech world? We’ll tell you in the GIGA headlines:

How expensive are the new Intel chips?

The Intel Core i5-12600K is currently listed on Amazon and various other providers for 329.00 euros. For comparison: The AMD Ryzen 5 5600X is currently for about 290 euros traded, is therefore around 40 euros cheaper.

If you want to buy the i9-12900K, you have to put more than twice as much money on the table. Intel’s top processor is currently taking part in Cyberport just under 679.00 euros to book, while the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X is available for around 520 euros, the Ryzen 9 5950X for around 720 euros.

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