American University of Afghanistan signs agreement with QF, QFFD

Doha: An agreement has been signed between the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) and Qatar Foundation (QF) and Qatar Fund For Development (QFFD). The agreement was to provide education to AUAF students in the Education City in Doha.

During the 15th annual dinner held by the Friends of the American University of Afghanistan (FAUAF) in Washington, H E Sheikh Meshaal bin Hamad Al Thani, Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the US announced the agreement. Hillary Clinton was invited as a guest of honour, and former US First Lady Laura Bush chaired the dinner.

In their agreement, QF and QFFD secure all requirements that guarantee the residence of Afghan students in Doha and provide them with the means to train and study without obstacles or fear, especially since officials and faculty of AUA live and study on the campus of Qatar Foundation, which hosts part of their presence.  

During their stay at the Education City, American University of Afghanistan graduates will all receive the same attention, care, and support provided to other QF students in QF’s universities, including the same educational facilities and participation in activities and events.

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