Android 12: Exclusive Pixel Function Soon Also in Other Phones?

The dynamic colors and themes of Android 12 are still only available on the Pixel 6 (Pro). That could change, however, because other manufacturers should also use the automatic color system on their smartphones. An important manufacturer is missing from the list.

Android 12: Notes on dynamic themes for everyone

Google’s Pixel phones will not only be equipped with new Android versions first, but will also receive a few exclusive features. With Android 12 and the “Material You” design, the colors and themes of the system are automatically compiled from the individual background image on the Google mobile phone. That supposed unique selling point but could also be found on other cell phones in the future.

“Add list of supporting manufacturers for dynamic colors” reads the now found Entry in Monet’s code, Android’s wallpaper system (Source: Mishaal Rahman on Twitter). This leaves no other conclusion than that the theming engine will soon no longer be exclusively available on the Pixel 6. The list of manufacturers has already appeared.

in the Video: These features are (still) exclusive to the Pixel 6:

According to the entry, cell phones should be from OnePlus, Xiaomi, Nokia (HMD Global), Sony, Oppo, Vivo and Realme in addition to other manufacturers are supported. Fundamental support does not mean, however, that all cell phones from the manufacturers mentioned will be based on dynamic themes. Samsung is also missing as a prominent manufacturer – but that is hardly surprising, since Samsung also uses dynamic colors and themes for its own cover (One UI 4).

Dynamic themes already on Android 12L?

The function could already be made available to manufacturers with Android 12L. With a release of the update is in spring 2022 to be expected. By then at the latest, the cell phone manufacturers will start thinking about their own implementation.

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