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Android hammer: First country is radically rebuilding the Play Store

For Android users, the news is good: Google is preparing an important step in the first country to convert the Play Store. The payment monopoly is being abandoned and third-party providers are given a chance. Apps could become cheaper this way.

Google Play Store opens in South Korea

After a court ruling in South Korea, providers of download stores for apps are forced to give up their monopoly on payment transactions. Now Google has explained that the changeover will start in the next few weeks. Concretely, the conversion will take place with the Opening up to third-party providers to make noticable. App providers are then no longer forced to use Google as their payment system. Instead, they can opt for an alternative.

Google has its proprietary payment system paid for with commissions that make up up to 30 percent of the price. By opening up to external payment options from third-party providers, a new competition could arise here in a short time. The lower prices for manufacturers will then ideally also be reflected in lower customer prices for apps to make noticable.

“We respect the decision of the (South Korean) National Assembly and are making some changes to respond to the new law,” says Google so far (source: Reuters). At the same time it is added that, according to Google, alternative billing systems “possibly” not the same protection or offer the same payment options as the existing Google Play billing system.

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App stores without a monopoly: No comment from Apple

In addition to Google, the new law also affects Apple. However, the group has not yet commented on the announcement by the South Korean government that “further information” will now be obtained, which may be in penalties could flow.

In October, Apple still stated that it is in line with existing laws and no change to the App Store provides. Previously, Apple had repeatedly spoken out against a forced opening, citing security concerns.

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