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Apple made old MagSafe products worthless

The iPhone 13 series carried a major update, as it came with a strong magnet that allows the user to connect multiple add-ons and accessories to the phone, and it also supported wired and wireless charging across various MagSafe products. Perhaps Apple had high hopes for this feature.

Users have seen that this technology will add a lot to iPhone phones. And it will change the way the user deals with his phone in general. Apple has also made significant profits from selling accessories and products supporting this new feature.

This is where the company introduced protective covers supporting MagSafe technologies. It also introduced custom chargers, whether wired or used as power banks, as well as aesthetic accessories such as the mini iPhone wallet.

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Several weeks ago, Apple unveiled the new generation of iPhone phones, which made a large number of previous accessories and additions worthless, in different ways and forms.

In an example, the MagSafe Duo charger that charges two devices at the same time does not support the 7th generation Apple Watch, even though it costs $129. In addition, Apple launched a new version of its wallet, which comes at a price of $ 59, and the new version supports the Find My network, which robbed the value of the previous version.

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Apple neglected older MagSafe products

Apple complicated it further, as Wallet The new MagSafe Leather, which supports the Find My network, does not support the previous generation of protective covers supporting MagSafe technologies, which cost up to $49, which means that in case of an update, both products must be purchased together.

And since the size of the cameras area in iPhone 13 phones has become larger, all iPhone 12 protection covers are no longer usable on iPhone 13 phones.

On the other hand, the accessories and add-ons did not work as smoothly as required, as the promotional images shared by Apple – such as the one above – were misleading according to users’ opinions.

And besides, back to the traditional MagSafe charger. It also came with a remarkably short link. Which made the user experience very bad. Also, these additions needed large capacity chargers. It is Apple’s, priced between $19 and $49.

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Apple has launched an additional charging accessory. It is the MagSafe Battery Pack. Although this accessory is integrated with iPhone 12 and 13 phones, its problems are greater than that. As the magnet for the phone is not enough to install it completely.

Besides, as we told you in previous article, this battery comes with a bad design to a large extent, and besides all this, its capacity is not enough to charge the phone more than once on average.

Given all of the above factors. It seems that MagSafe products have not had the desired success. Nor did it provide a proper user experience for the users. This is on the one hand. On the other hand, Apple has rendered a large number of them useless once the iPhone 13 was released.

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