Apple Watch drops hidden diagnostic port

lack The new Apple Watch Series 7 has access to the hidden diagnostic port that was located in the hole for the bottom strap on all previous watch models.

The company used the port for diagnostic purposes when servicing the Apple Watch, such as restoring watchOS over a wired connection using a special tool.

The diagnostic port has been a mysterious part of the wearable lineup since its first model. But the new Apple Watch Series 7 is officially ditching the six-pin port. The company removed the hidden panel and the port behind it for indoor use.

The outlet has not been officially recognized through the company’s website or documents. But the diagnostic port briefly hinted at the possibility of extending the Apple Watch with hardware accessories.

The most famous of these was the Reserve Strap, which attempted to use the port to extend the watch’s battery life by incorporating additional batteries into a custom-made strap that would go directly into the diagnostic port.

But Apple quickly blocked this possibility and banned the Reserve Strap, along with every other attempt to harness the port for useful purposes.

The lack of a diagnostic port on the Apple Watch Series 7 model likely explains the addition of the 60.5GHz wireless data transmission module.

Last month, FCC filings revealed that Apple Watch Series 7 models are equipped with a new module that enables wireless data transmission at a frequency of 60.5GHz.

This unit has not been announced on the company’s website, and is likely to be for Apple’s internal use only.

The FCC files indicated that the unit only activates when the Apple Watch is placed on a special magnetic platform that includes a corresponding 60.5GHz unit.

So it appears that the company may use this platform to perform diagnostics or wirelessly restore watchOS across Apple Watch Series 7 models.

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Apple may use wireless data transmission instead of the port

It’s also worth noting that Apple Watch Series 7 models feature IP6X rated dust resistance. So perhaps removing the diagnostic port helped with that somewhat.

Apple Watch Series 7 models begin reaching customers and launching in stores on Friday, October 15. Key features include larger screens with sizes of 41mm and 45mm. And enhanced durability with IP6X rated dust resistance. And charge 33 percent faster with the inclusion of a USB-C fast charging cable and new colors.

Apple Watch abandons hidden diagnostic port
Apple Watch abandons hidden diagnostic port

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