“Arab Culture” launches awareness programs for youth

The Youth and Community Committee of the Arab Sports Club organized many different and varied youth and community programs and activities that serve the community and the youth category in particular.
Most of the committee’s activities focus on this important group in society in terms of education, skills development, and capacity building to serve the nation.
The first of these programs was a workshop to instill values ​​through play, which was held in cooperation with the Behavioral Health Support Center and addressed an important aspect of the social and community life of young people, instilling in them a set of noble values ​​and enlightening directions that build the behavior of the young man and develop his awareness in his working life.
The second workshop was training on first aid for sports injuries in cooperation with the Qatar Red Crescent, which most young people need, especially during the sports seasons. Camping and practicing sports in the wilderness and camps.
The competition and exhibition “Together We Support the Arab Cup 2021 in cooperation with Al-Hidaya Schools for People with Special Needs witnessed a large participation from a number of public and private schools, and the competition was fierce between the participating schools with the impressive performances that were praised by the judging committees and for the effort that was made to produce them and prepare them specifically for the competition in its version.” The first, to be followed by the National Day competition, in which the youth of Qatar competed in expressing their loyalty and belonging to this good land and its wise leadership, and working to be at the fore in honoring and excelling platforms in all international, global and regional forums.
In the same context, the Youth Committee organized a forum for integration and empowerment, in cooperation with the Qatar Society for the Rehabilitation of People with Special Needs, as well as a lecture on the occasion of the National Day entitled Qatar between the past and the present in cooperation with Al Rayyan Sports Club.
It is worth noting that the programs and activities of the Cultural Committee are held throughout the year to emphasize the Arab Club’s effective societal role and the dissemination of rational culture among generations, especially the youth group, and linking the beautiful past with the present and the bright future of the State of Qatar and its youth.

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