Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: All 4 Tombs of the Fallen – Locations, Solutions & Artifacts

With update 1.4.0 in AC Valhalla you can find 4 graves of the fallen in England and solve various puzzles there in order to earn parts of the hero’s death armor and to find artifacts. At this point we will show you where you can start all the graves of the fallen and show you the solutions to the dungeons in videos.

Start Tombs of the Fallen (AC Valhalla)

If you have version 1.4.0 or higher of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla installed and your settlement in England has already been activated, then you can start the graves of the fallen after loading the game. You will also receive a corresponding message telling you that you should speak to the onlookers at the harbor to start with the graves.

Where exactly can you find the onlookers? Go to the southwestern corner of your settlement. There are a few NPCs here on the river bank. When you get closer to them, a cutscene starts, after which you can automatically discover the first grave.

Approach this group in the southwest of your settlement to start the Tombs of the Fallen (AC Valhalla).

Each grave is hidden behind what appears to be a rock wall on which one of Odin’s runes is engraved. Approach and touch these runes so that the false rock face disappears and the entrance to the Tomb of the Fallen is exposed. To better discover the Odin runes, you can also use your raven, then you will see a large bluish sphere that marks the entrance. Among other things, you have to complete 3 of the 4 graves in order to be able to use “Visit to the dead” and “Grave connoisseur” Unlock two of AC Valhalla’s trophies and achievements.

Manius’ sanctuary

The first grave “Manius’ Sanctuary” is already shown to you after the cutscene. It’s across the river from your settlement in Hraefnathorp.

Location of the 4th grave "Venutius' tomb" (AC Valhalla).

In this grave you only have to activate one base, but three pressure plates. Then speak to the headless ghost of Venutius behind the gate and open the chest by the grave to find the Hero’s death helmet to obtain. That Artifact of Venutius can also be found here on your way to the exit. When using the zip line in the area with the large mammoth skull, you can destroy an icy wall opposite. In the area behind you can grab the artifact.

In the following video we show you again the location and the complete solution of Venitius ‘grave including the location of Venutius’ artifact:

Do you have any questions or problems with the graves of the fallen in AC Valhalla? Then write it to us in the comments and help each other too!

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