At Katara.. greenness, beauty and the innocence of children

Cultural events increase the beauty of the place
Hajar Khoury: The murals increase the cultural depth of the neighborhood
The girl Zina: The gardens are beautiful.. and the games are wonderful

It is not an ordinary tourist destination, as Katara is considered a center for arts, entertainment and events, whether national or artistic, which makes it the number one tourist destination for citizens, residents and tourists alike.
In Katara, greenery, water and a beautiful face meet, where you find the beach and beautiful nature, in addition to spacious places, which can accommodate hundreds of visitors who wish to spend the weekend or vacation days and who prefer them over others, due to the good reputation it has achieved by combining the elements of entertainment and service Distinctive and close to the places of population concentration. And where domestic tourism is active in the winter season every year, with the preference of many visitors to places that contain integrated services and some facilities that provide fun and entertainment, especially for children.
The best and most beautiful
Nermin Baravi is one of the women who prefer the Katara destination and consider it the best in the country. Nermin, who often comes with her two children, Muhammad and Joud, to Katara says that Katara district, with all its facilities, is a favorite destination for certain segments, and it is, she believes, a favorite destination for those wishing to practice beach sports, in addition to To the families who bring their children, Nermin explained: The diversity in age groups is something that distinguishes the beach, and the Katara Cultural Village has its own charm, so she is keen to take her two children to come to this special place, which includes all the services that suit families.
Availability of facilities
Mrs. Ghalia Qebash considers Katara the best tourist destination for her. Ghalia says: I live close to Katara neighborhood and find in it everything I and my sons search for. The availability of facilities makes this place one of the best options available for the family, and the availability of some beach games makes It is easy to have a good time in addition to the comfort and reassurance of the presence of the ambulance and emergency teams.
Ghalia points to the beauty of Katara Gardens and the events that increase the vitality of the place and enrich it culturally. About what she likes the most about Katara Cultural Village, Ghalia said: The cultural momentum that the place knows from playing musical pieces, art exhibitions and book fairs, in addition to the beautiful murals that decorate the place, make us enjoy our time whenever we come here.
As for her daughter Zina and her brother, Nabil Tubaili, the children innocently expressed their happiness at coming to Katara Cultural Village and enjoying all the various games that are available in it, in addition to the availability of a variety of meals to different restaurants and sweets that children love.
Fun for hikers
For her part, Mrs. Yasmine Mahmoud considered that Katara Cultural Village is one of the well-known tourist places that has become a magnet for families, as it is frequented by thousands of visitors, especially on occasions and weekends, whether to visit the beach, visit gardens, or enjoy cultural, artistic and national events. Yasmine stated that she likes to frequent this place where she finds everything she is looking for, in terms of cultural and artistic activities and activities, and she considered the murals that Katara launched recently as a pleasure for wanderers looking for creativity.
cause for pride
Citizen Salma Al Hammadi said that, on every visit to Katara Cultural Village, she feels proud that this edifice is in her homeland, and it is a place where visitors regain the fragrance of the past in the aesthetics of heritage Arab architecture, which has become one of the most important tourist attractions in Doha, according to Salma, who added Tourists frequently visit the place to see closely the manifestations of Qatari heritage, customs and traditions, as well as taste traditional dishes, buy antiques and handicrafts, and take souvenir photos. Where (Katara) is a beacon of culture and contributes to creating the cultural and knowledge structure of the Qatari and Arab identity and opens a door for the convergence of cultures through mixing them, whether in festivals, events or exhibitions. The Katara Cultural Village has become a basic pillar and engine of the cultural scene.
In addition, Salma added that Katara contains many facilities, all of which are at the same level of organization and sophistication, on top of which is Katara Beach, which she said she hopes to witness all the beaches in Doha with the same development and services that it witnesses, and added that the most important thing that distinguishes these days is the beauty of the weather that It contributes greatly to encouraging families to leave their homes, move away from shopping malls and enjoy this beautiful weather.
the amazing nature
Hajar Al-Khoury is keen to visit Katara Cultural Village whenever she has the time. Hajar says that she visits Katara accompanied by her friends who are keen to go out and enjoy the nature, and go to the beaches, especially since the weather is suitable for going outdoors at this time of the year.
Hajar added: Visiting the Cultural Village and Katara Beach brings joy as a kind of change, breaking the daily routine and avoiding work pressures, as people renew their energy and vitality to resume their activities again. Such as art festivals and performances that emulate the heritage of the region and attract children and adults, is an opportunity to learn about new arts or enjoy music or plastic arts.
Hajar considers that what makes the place more beautiful is the presence of those murals that give a sophisticated artistic touch to the alleys of Katara, whose design carries a lot of depth in Arab civilization.

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