At the newly opened South Al Wakra HC, more than 2,000 people have registered

A vein viewer equipment has been deployed at the newly established PHCC South Al Wakra Health Center to aid in accessing the vein when taking blood from patients. Already, more than 2,000 people have signed up for services at the health centre, which will eventually be able to accommodate up to 10,000 people.

“The health centre has a well-equipped laboratory with phlebotomy with male and female rooms. A vein viewer is a hi-tech machine used in phlebotomy to view the vein before extracting blood,” said South Al Wakra Health Center Manager Dr Maryam Mohamed Al Dosari.

“In addition, there is a sonographer who specializes in gynaecology and obstetrics cases. It is equipped with a well-designed monitor and a gel warmer to make the service more comfortable for the patient.” There is also a radiology facility at the health centre, which generates radiological results for urgent patients in 60 minutes, and regular cases in two days.

Approximately 780 buildings are located in the catchment area of the South Al Wakra HC. Nearly 2,000 people have signed up for services at the health centre and are actively taking benefit of the medical care provided. The PHCC website has a link that allows people to register themselves, or they may register on-site. There will be 5,000 patients at first, but that number will grow to 10,000 to 20,000 overtime. As a result, we aim to provide them with a high level of service.”

There is a second stage, she said, which is accepting transfers from Al Wakra and Al Thumama Health Centers, once they register the catchment area.

Dr Al Dosari added that Type A health centre will invite youngsters to join as “health centre friends” in order to strengthen ties between health care and the younger generation. “The youth will attend the steering committee meeting which is done every 3 months in our health centre. We want them to raise their opinions, suggestions, and meet their expectations as well so that in the near future we can have projects between the health and education sectors.”

Furthermore, she explained that the HC South Al Wakra is among the primary regional health centres, as well as the fourth health centre to encircle the South Stadium and that it met FIFA’s requirement of having four health centres around the South Stadium. Additionally, HC is roughly 3000 square metres with 127 parking spots, including adapted parking for persons with special needs.

“People with special needs also have special access to the pharmacy. We deliver the family medicine service, the integrated clinics composed of family medicine as a speciality, antenatal, postnatal, well-baby clinic, dietician and health educator. We are also caring about maternal health counselling and we also have special counselling for pharmacy.”

“We have a multi-task room for medical commission, school health and COVID-19 screening.” Social workers provide continuity of care as well, according to her. The facility also offers a COVID-19 swab and has a negative pressure isolation chamber, she explained further. “There is also a special room where we receive and register the patient and isolate according to the case.

In a campaign that began on September 1, she said the health centre is distributing flu vaccinations, urging individuals to be vaccinated even if they have taken the COVID-19 vaccine. “There is no problem in taking the flu and COVID-19 vaccines together. She said that the health centre also offers dieticians and dental services, with individuals able to schedule appointments by phoning 107 or going to the health centre to register in person.

An auditorium within the health centre is utilised for various activities between the staff and patients, as well as to urge the community to become engaged and have their needs fulfilled, while still maintaining patient-centred care. The Health Center employs 83 professionals.

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