At The Pearl Qatar, a perfume museum has opened

Doha: A first-of-its-kind perfume museum opened in Doha on October 28th, featuring thousands of unique collections dating back to 1800. Reem Abu Issa’s Perfume Museum is located by the sea in the Pearl-Qatar.

In addition to Sheik Hassan Al Thani, the CEO of Qatar Museums, Ahmad Al Namla, and the chairman of Abu Issa Holding, Ashraf Abu Issa, Issa Abu Issa attended the opening ceremony. Perfume Museum is the realization of Reem Abu Issa’s two-decade dream.

In the museum, you can see rare, historic, and valuable perfumes. Perfumers collaborated with glassmakers and fashion designers to design perfume bottles that were works of art, full of luxury, creativity, and art.

“This is basically a historical centre for commercial perfume bottles. We attempt to grant individuals a journey around (aroma) fixings and how the Middle Eastern World contributed to the improvement of perfumery.” museum owner, Reem Abu Issa said on the sidelines of the occasion. In addition to Rolex and Rolls Royce-inspired perfume bottles, there’s a miniature 1952 lamp post inspired by Rue de la Paix, and several French-inspired items.

Exhibits of rare and historical perfumes can be seen at the Perfume Museum. The most spectacular aroma bottles were made possible by a collaboration between glassmakers and designers.

Guests have the opportunity to walk down a memory path of fragrances and scents along the Silk Road at the Museum. The Middle East is at the heart of a network of trade routes linking Asia and Europe. Additionally, they can learn how perfume is made: from crude fixings to extraction, refinement, detailing, industrialization, and bottling. Besides the artistic perfume bottles, the exhibit also features an early collection of cosmetics from Kohls such as powders, compacts, and lipsticks.

The museum is more interactive, and it also has some unique pieces from R Lalique and Baccarat, Reem explained, adding that many of the collections are French perfume collections.

“Since my family has always been in the perfume business, we were one of the first people to bring commercial perfume bottles to Qatar. As a child, I used to collect miniatures and then I decided to collect bottles instead 20 years ago, and I thought I would share it with people,” she recounted,” Reem said.

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