Attacks by the occupation forces and settlers against Palestinians in Ramallah and Bethlehem

A number of Palestinians suffocated today, as dozens of settlers stormed, under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces, the Ras al-Jabal area in al-Medya village, west of Ramallah.
And local sources reported that the occupation forces fired tear gas canisters extensively towards the Palestinians, during the storming operation, which led to a number of injuries.
It is noteworthy that settlers, under the protection of the occupation forces, storm the Ras al-Jabal area weekly, claiming that there are Jewish shrines in the area.
Medea is located 25 kilometers west of Ramallah, and has a population of 1,600. The settlements of Modi’in and Hashmonaim are built on part of its lands.
The Israeli occupation forces also suffocated a number of Al-Khader school students near Al-Tal area in the Old City of Bethlehem, as they fired tear gas canisters at them while they were leaving their schools, which led to the outbreak of confrontations in the area.
In the context of attacks on Palestinians and their property, the Israeli occupation bulldozers demolished today 10 commercial facilities in the town of Hizma, northeast of occupied Jerusalem.
Palestinian sources reported that the occupation mechanisms, with military reinforcements, demolished the commercial facilities, under the pretext that the area is under Israeli control.
She pointed out that the occupation forces destroyed all the equipment and goods inside these facilities, during the demolition process.

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