Awqaf trains 45 students in administrative skills

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has made rapid progress in the summer training programme this year. Around 45 high schools and university students participated in the programme. The programme aims for developing the Qatari youth. This has made the youth of the nation enhance their scientific capabilities and acquire practical skills, which indeed will benefit the county’s growth.

The programme will continue until August 26. Following are the objectives of the training programme:

  1. To introduce the vision of the Awqaf to the students.
  2. To show them the prominent services provided by the ministry’s departments to the society.
  3. To provide and enhance the students with administrative and practical skills.
  4. To familiarize the students with the work environment.
  5. To teach the students about the Ministry’s activities.
  6. To understand the message of the Ministry and convey it to society.
  7. To develop a love for work in students.

The program meets the nation’s vision of caring for the students, putting them on the right path, engaging them in fieldwork and preparing them for a practical future.

The students were distributed according to their wishes among four departments in the ministry, including the Zakat Fund Department, the Da`wah and Religious Guidance Department, the Mosques Department, and the General Department of Endowments.

The Head of the Training and Administrative Development Department, Dr Muhammad Khalifa Al Kubaisi said that during the period of training, the four departments will distribute the students to their various departments, and have assigned a supervisor for the trainee students to follow up their training and introduce them to the work of the department, what it does to serve the segments of society and to provide them with various administrative and technical skills.

At the end of the training program, each student will be asked to submit graduation projects, through which the student will present the most important benefits he has benefited from during the program period. the students will also submit proposals that could contribute to the development of the ministry’s services and activities that it provides to the public.


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