Bail denied to mother who encouraged her son and friends to drink and have sex

The authorities Shannon Marie O’Connor was denied bail, a 47-year-old woman accused of allegedly encouraging her son and his underage friends to drink and have sex at parties that he organized.

The Silicon Valley Woman faces more than 30 charges related to child abuse.

One of the episodes that were related in the trial is allegedly giving a young man a condom and shoving him into a room with a girl who was intoxicated, who escaped and locked himself in the bathroom, settles the narrative of the judicial files.

The Santa Clara court judge in charge of the case also issued 15 protection orders for the alleged victims, one of their adolescent children included.

Sam Polverino, the woman’s defense attorney, said that denying the woman bail was a decision “incompatible with due process,” according to a quote from The Mercury News.

The December 17, the woman could be found guilty.

The events, according to prosecutors, occurred between June 2020 and May 2021: the accused held at least six large parties and other small parties in Silicon Valley. In them, he encouraged his guests – mostly between 14 and 15 years old – to get drunk and then engage in sexual acts.

O’Connor was eventually arrested in Star, Idaho, but was flown to California to face all 39 charges accused, serious and minor, among which are sexual assault and sexual abuse of minors, as well as theft.

When they arrested her, the authorities found 12 young people in their home, so it is also being investigated.

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