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Best Google Play Store Apps This Week

It includes Google Play Store hundreds of thousands of applications, we try to During the weekly series This is a presentation of the best free apps for Android phone users.

The Google Play Store applications range from games, productivity, video and photo editing, and other categories.

It is one of the best productivity apps in the Google Play Store and aims to measure and monitor the time you spent at work. The app works like a diary where you enter the start and end time and the number of breaks you took.

Then the app calculates your working time for the day. Then you can see how business hours evolve over the days to make adjustments if necessary.

Best Google Play Store Apps This Week

The application allows you to create shortcuts on the phone keyboard to paste a sentence or a piece of text, the shortcut can be anything like a phone number or an email address, all you have to do is create a button and attach the phrase of your choice.

For example, when typing the word WhatsApp, all you have to do is switch keyboards. and press the button to type the text you selected earlier.

One of the many Google Play Store applications that allow you to download the statuses posted by your friends in the WhatsApp application. All you have to do is open the app and select the status of the photo or video your friend has posted and hit the download option.

The app also allows you to download multiple statuses at the same time. Simply press and hold on one of the published statuses to open the multi-select mode.

Best Google Play Store Apps This Week

It is one of the best music player apps in the Google Play Store as it comes with an easy to use interface. It contains many features where the music files in the phone are clearly arranged. They can be easily searched and sorted by albums or folders, artist and genre.

The app comes with four themes that you can choose from. And you can also choose your own background image. It contains a sleep timer, several options to adjust the sound quality, and more.

Best Google Play Store Apps This Week

One of the best language learning apps in the Google Play Store is specially designed for people who have no prior experience in the language they are learning. Or perhaps they need to refresh their memory before progressing by building on what you learn through the lessons you receive.

Lessons focus on speaking, additional exercises, listening, speaking, reading, and more. The app creates strong connections between words, sounds, and images so that you learn to understand and comprehend language, not just remember vocabulary.

It is a simple game that uses the features of your phone’s accelerometer to control where the frog goes. The game becomes more difficult as you progress in the game and in general it is not the most exciting game in the Google Play Store.

Specifically graphically but its simplicity can make it great for kids and also for wasting time with minimal effort. It is also free and without in-app purchases.

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