Best Remote Work Platforms Away From Google or Microsoft

Remote work platforms have become one of the most important platforms used by many around the world, after the spread of the phenomenon of working from home.

The platforms provided by large companies such as Google and Microsoft are the most popular in the field of remote work, but there are other distinct platforms.

These platforms work in different ways to provide the different needs of each user and each type of business is different from each other.

So we offer you the best remote work platforms that are not affiliated with Google or Microsoft.

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This platform facilitates the principle of working on different projects and cooperation between different users around the world.

The platform allows you to create groups for your teams based on the project or even based on clients.

It integrates many functions, calendar services and work organization with its own calendar, and you can communicate with your team via voice messages through it.

You can also create business order lists and agenda easily so that you will remember all the things required of you away from the fuss of other applications.

This platform allows you to organize all your work, follow it and talk about it with your colleagues through a single interface within the platform.

Through the tools available within the platform, you can talk with other users via video chats or quick chats and transfer audio files.

The platform also helps you greatly in organizing work and distributing it between different teams and different clients, through its calendar, which helps you organize your work significantly.

This platform is considered a remote collaboration platform, and it allows you to host a wide range of files in the cloud through its services while synchronizing files across different devices.

It also helps you manage your business documents, get them to the users who need them, and synchronize them through a range of different tools.

The platform is considered the best in the field of securely and confidentially sharing large files, without uploading them as attachments in your email.

The platform combines a set of distinctive tools that you need to manage your projects and work remotely, without the need to use any external tools.

The tool allows you to host files and prepare video and audio meetings with one click, without downloading any application.

You can also manage your user history as well as organize business and synchronize its services with Microsoft Mail and various mail services.

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