Beyond Good & Evil 2: Is the end of the project just a matter of time?

In the last few months the ambitious action adventure “Beyond Good & Evil 2” has calmed down again. An insider now wants to know that things aren’t looking too good for the project right now.

Ubisoft’s much anticipated action adventure “Beyond Good & Evil 2” can already look back on an extremely eventful history including various highs and lows. In the recent past the title has become quieter and when we hear new rumors (via PlayStation Universe) are allowed to believe, the project doesn’t seem to be in great shape.

Beyond Good & Evil 2: Is the title a “Skull & Bones 2.0”?

The mostly well-informed industry insider Tom Henderson contacted us yesterday Twitter and went into three posts on the Ubisoft game. In it he first states that the development of the game is currently suffering primarily from the lack of “creative guidance”. Production is in a “development crisis” that has worsened since the departure of Michel Ancel, the creator of the original.

But this is not yet the worst news Henderson has heard from his sources. In addition, “Beyond Good & Evil 2” should no longer the demands that the company will place in its future titles. Internally, the game has therefore already been referred to as a “Skull & Bones 2.0” and although it has not yet been officially discontinued, “some developers believe that it is only a matter of time before that happens.”

As Henderson concludes, it has been difficult for him “to confirm this information – so it was difficult for me to publish a report, but I hope that this sheds some light on the subject of the title”. If someone who is familiar with the project has further details, they can also contact the Insider.

On the subject: Skull & Bones: Development restarted again?

In October 2020, Ubisoft last confirmed that “Beyond Good & Evil 2” would continue Progress in development do. After the company announced in the middle of this year that the project was not set We reported last month that the development studio was on the Looking for new staff. Ubisoft has not yet commented on the current rumors about the game.

“Beyond Good & Evil 2” is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PC.


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