Buy Nintendo OLED Switch: Now it’s getting really expensive!

The OLED switch has been on the market for about a month, but is currently almost as sold out as the PS5 and Xbox Series X. This is also reflected in the prices – because if you want to buy the new handheld console, you either have to Pay extra or expect long waiting times.

Update from November 5th, 2021:

The new OLED switch appeared on October 8, 2021 – at least on paper. Because right on the day of release, the new handheld console was almost nowhere to be found, it was sold out everywhere.

But how does it look now, almost 4 weeks after the start of sales? A look at the well-known sales portals shows: the delivery situation has not improved. The opposite is the case.

At MediaMarkt and Saturn, only the white console version is currently available for sale for the regular price of 359.99 euros – customers must, however, expect long waiting times. Both electronics stores are currently assuming that orders will be delivered between December 18 and 21 – that is, in time for Christmas.

If you want to hold the OLED switch in your hands faster, you have to pay a lot more. On eBay, the reputable eBay dealer sbdirect24 is also currently only selling the white model at a price of 439.95 euros, but has it directly in stock. Thanks to the discount voucher POWER SAVING21 you can check the price at the cash register though at least to 395.95 euros to press.

Original article:

The rumor mill has been bubbling for months, and now it’s finally official: Nintendo’s Switch family has offspring. The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will go on sale on October 8, 2021 – the official MSRP in the USA is $ 349. Nintendo has not yet revealed an official euro price, at MediaMarkt & Saturn, however, the OLED console is already listed – for 359.99 euros. That is 40 euros cheaper than before, because initially the two markets listed the OLED switch for 399.99 euros. The new console is available in white and neon red / neon blue.

The only problem: neither Saturn nor MediaMarkt currently offer their customers the option of continuing to pre-order the console. Seems like scalpers struck again. The only message on the website is “This article is currently unavailable”. It’s even worse on Amazon. There the new console can no longer even be found by searching for the term “OLED Switch”.

Pre-order the Nintendo Switch OLED model (white) now

Nintendo Switch OLED model (white) included Saturn for 359.99 euros (sold out)
Nintendo Switch OLED model (white) included MediaMarkt for 359.99 euros (sold out)
Nintendo Switch OLED model (white) included Amazon (sold out)

Pre-order the Nintendo Switch OLED model (neon red / neon blue) now

Nintendo Switch OLED model (neon red / neon blue) included Saturn for 359.99 euros (sold out)
Nintendo Switch OLED model (neon red / neon blue) included MediaMarkt for 359.99 euros (sold out)
Nintendo Switch (OLED model) (neon red / neon blue) at Amazon (sold out)

What has Nintendo changed with the OLED model compared to the original? This short video summarizes the innovations for you:

Nintendo Switch OLED model: better display, same performance

Many had hoped that Nintendo would not only give the Switch an OLED screen, but also equip the handheld console with more powerful hardware. However, this wish remains a dream. The same processor and the same amount of RAM continue to work in the new OLED switch.

Nintendo has made improvements in other areas. For example, the dock of the new switch will offer a LAN port, the console display will grow from 6.2 to an impressive 7 inches compared to the original – and the kickstand is now significantly wider and therefore more stable than the “plastic snippet” “The original console. In addition, the speakers are said to have been improved.

What do you think about the leaked price of the new Nintendo Switch? Would you have expected the OLED model to be sold much cheaper? Or do you find the price for the improved Switch console more than reasonable? Write us your opinion in the Facebook comments!

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