Canon has a dual fisheye lens for VR system

issued Canon has made a surprise product announcement, revealing a dual fisheye RF mount lens that is part of an all-new system called EOS VR.

The lens aims to change how VR and AR are produced by making workflows simpler than current VR capture systems, while delivering full-frame mirrorless camera quality.

The flagship product is the $1,999 F2.8 L RF5.2mm dual-hand fisheye lens designed specifically for installation on the company’s 8K EOS R5.

The product offers two fish-eye lenses installed side by side. It is positioned approximately 60 millimeters (2.4 in) to match the distance between the human pupil and provides a comfortable difference for virtual and augmented reality.

The lens works with the Canon EOS R5, selected for its ability to shoot 8K video. When shooting, it displays two circular images via the 45-megapixel camera sensor.

It supports 190-degree capture, allowing 180-degree 3D snapshots or holograms with a resolution of up to 8192 x 4096 pixels for augmented reality or virtual reality applications.

The lens has some unusual features, such as a ring that focuses on two lenses simultaneously and an Allen screw adjustment. which allows you to adjust the focus of one lens to precisely match the other lens.

Otherwise, you get features normally found in a high-end Canon L RF. Such as control of glow, shadows, dust, water resistance, and aperture range of F2.8 to F16.

Despite the odd appearance, the lens is fairly small and not much larger than a Canon 35mm F1.8 lens.

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Canon promises simpler, higher-quality VR and AR photo capture

The lens is one part of the equation. Canon is working on a firmware update for the R5 with new features to support the lens and the EOS VR system. This includes peak manual focus and manual focus via the Dual Pixel AF system. Together with Magic Window user interface.

In addition, the company has created the EOS VR Utility and EOS VR Plugin applications. Each is available by subscription for $5 per month (with a free trial period).

And VR Utility flips stereo images from left to right. And converting it from a circular image to a square image of an equal rectangle that can be displayed through virtual reality glasses.

It also provides quick editing tools like clip clipping and lookup table application. Allowing you to change to resolutions and preset file types (DPX, Pro Res, H264, etc.) before exporting.

There is also the EOS VR plug-in for Adobe Premiere. Which converts double fisheye images into an even rectangle. While allowing the ability to cut and edit with full control in Premiere Pro. It also allows you to export snapshots to desired specifications for different genres.

In addition to these apps, you can use the existing Camera Connect app and the EOS Utility to control your capture. Canon said both are being updated to offer live view remote control functionality for on-the-go monitoring.

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