Change of heart on Facebook: data deleted from a billion people

Facebook has used facial recognition for years without informing users of the social network about it in detail. It is said that this should now largely be the end of it. One would now like to delete biometric data on over a billion people in photos and videos.

Facebook: Face recognition officially ended

According to Facebook, you want to no face recognition operate more about photos and videos. Instead, it was decided to delete the huge amount of data in the next few weeks. Over a billion people are said to be in Facebook’s biometric databases.

For Facebook users the change of heart should bring a few minor changes. According to Jerome Pesenti, head of Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence division, the announcement said, “As part of this change, people who have chosen our facial recognition setting will no longer be automatically recognized on photos and videos, and we will use them for identification delete used face recognition template “(source: Facebook).

Facebook had in the US in 2010 with the automatic face recognition started and the technology was also used in Europe a year later. Since then, the approach has been criticized again and again. In Germany, the Hamburg data protection officer, Johannes Caspar, initiated proceedings against Facebook.

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Biometric recognition remains part of Facebook

Facebook would like itself from biometric data don’t say goodbye completely. To unlock devices as well as to combat fraud and identity presumption, there will also be an automated evaluation of faces. Face recognition will also continue to be used for unambiguous identification for access to a blocked account.

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