Charge e-cars everywhere: Mobile charging station makes it possible

The mobile charging station for the electric car is here. Manufacturer ZipCharge has presented a kind of trolley case full of energy, which is supposed to solve a major problem of electromobility. E-cars can be supplied with electricity far away from charging stations.

While e-cars are becoming more and more popular in Germany and the number of registrations has risen sharply recently, a fundamental problem remains. Charging stations are not available everywhere and e-cars cannot always be supplied with new energy at home without difficulties. A now presented massive power bank should at least contain the problems.

ZipCharge Go: Charge your e-car with a power bank

The start-up ZipCharge has one Battery in trolley look announced that electric cars can receive new electricity. Equipped with wheels and a handle, the focus here is on easy transport. As a petrol can 2.0, the massive battery can also be stowed in the trunk. The rechargeable battery is connected via a type 2 charging cable.

There is also a damper in terms of range and charging power: According to the manufacturer, ZipCharge Go creates one Range of up to 32 kilometersthat can be charged with an output of 4 kilowatt hours (source: ZipCharge). In this way, shorter distances can be covered without a charging station or the crucial part of the way to the next charging station can be bridged on the long haul.

The charging process itself is supposed to between 30 and 60 minutes last and can be monitored via an app. A bidirectional use is also provided in order to be able to feed energy into the power grid.

This is how ZipCharge Go presents itself in the official Video:

Mobile charging station for e-cars: intended to be purchased or rented

ZipCharge would like its portable charging station for e-cars in fourth quarter of 2022 officially put on the market. A purchase price has not yet been communicated, but a rental model (from around 57 euros per month) is already being planned. The assumption is that the price is “comparable to the cost of a fully installed level 2 charging station.” So the price is unlikely to exceed the 1,000 euro mark; realistic would be from 500 euros and up.

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