China smartphones conquer Germany: Apple and Samsung lose massively

The global smartphone market is changing rapidly. But a look at Germany is also exciting, because a lot is happening here too. Chinese smartphones are growing in popularity, which is causing Samsung and Apple to have real problems.

China manufacturers conquer the German smartphone market

Samsung and Apple smartphones are always in first or second place in many markets. That has changed recently. Xiaomi is catching up in Europe. But what about Germany? Our market is also changing significantly and Samsung and Apple are feeling this strongly. the Chinese manufacturers are becoming increasingly popular.

According to Canalys, Apple has overtaken Samsung in Germany and is the largest smartphone manufacturer. In principle, that would be a reason to be pleased if the market shares did not drop so massively. Samsung has lost 33 percent of its growth and has thus slipped to second place. Apple still secures first place, but has also lost 19 percent. Xiaomi remains unchanged in third place, but is growing by 116 percent and is on the heels of Samsung and Apple.

And Oppo is also stepping on the gas. The growth is 237 percent, with only one Market share of three percent achieved. But that’s enough to become the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in Germany. Apple and Samsung dominate the market, but the Chinese manufacturers are gaining massive market shares, while the long-established companies are losing noticeably.

Apple could grow strongly in the fourth quarter

While Samsung is likely to continue to have problems increasing its market share in the fourth quarter, Apple should then pick up again. Especially after the launch of the iPhone 13 models and at Christmas, there will be huge interest in Apple cell phones in Germany too. But the Chinese manufacturers are not likely to weaken either. It is an exciting time that will have a lasting impact on the smartphone market in Germany.

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