Chip crisis: MediaMarkt and Saturn are facing a major problem

Anyone who likes to shop at MediaMarkt and Saturn on site has probably already noticed. Not every product is directly available and can be bought. The Ceconomy boss Karsten Wildberger, to which both companies belong, has good and bad news for all customers.

MediaMarkt and Saturn: Product availability fluctuates greatly

Each of us should have noticed something of the chip crisis by now. Either you are waiting for your new car that just won’t be ready, or you want to buy a console, graphics card or cell phone that is out of stock. The chip crisis hits MediaMarkt and Saturn in particular, as confirmed by Ceconomy boss Karsten Wildberger (source: Handelsblatt). There are always products missing here and therethat are simply not available at the time. Sometimes it’s smartphones, then suddenly the next week dishwashers or printers.

Wildberger assumes that availability will not only be a real problem now and at Christmas, but will also continue into the next year. This is of course bad news for MediaMarkt and Saturn, because you will not be able to sell some people the products they want to give away for Christmas. Although the group placed large orders early on, the rush for certain products could of course be particularly high.

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MediaMarkt and Saturn want to compete with Amazon

But there is also good news, because MediaMarkt and Saturn want Open 35 new mega branches. The aim is to attack Amazon even more locally. In addition, the logistics for online orders were greatly optimized during the Corona period. The aim of the Ceconomy boss is to be able to deliver to customers who have ordered something on the same day. Orders can already be picked up in 30 minutes. That is significantly faster than it was a while ago. MediaMarkt and Saturn want to compete with Amazon properly.

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