Comparison of the second and third generation AirPods

In its surprise conference a few days ago, Apple announced the new AirPods 3, the third generation of its premium wireless headphones.

These headphones are an update to the second generation that was released more than two years ago, the generation that preceded the AirPods Pro headphones.

But are the new headphones worth upgrading or going to them from the start without going for the second generation of headphones?

The difference between AirPods 3 and AirPods 2 in terms of battery

All wireless headphones have a problem when it comes to battery, as most headphones need to charge the battery continuously.

This is because it consumes the battery significantly and quickly compared to the rest of the wired headphones or the usual wireless headphones.

With the second generation of AirPods, you can get more than about five hours with an additional 19 hours via the charging case.

Apple has been able to increase the battery life of the AirPods 3 to 30 hours in total, as the headphones themselves work for 6 hours instead of five.

So we can’t say the difference in battery is big, but of course AirPods 3 are better because of the extra hours.

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different design

When it comes to design, personal tastes interfere a lot in this aspect, but there are key aspects that cannot be neglected.

AirPods 2 headphones come in a design similar to the first generation of headphones, and the first generation appeared in 2016.

The design of the second generation of headphones has faced a lot of criticism due to the long body of the headphone, which made many users compare it to toothbrushes.

So Apple used a design similar to the AirPods Pro headphones with the third generation of headphones, which is a very good and comfortable design.

Despite this, the new headphones do not come with interchangeable plastic heads like you find in AirPods pro.

But the headphone jack design is significantly better and smoother than the first generation headphones, which are a bit noisy.

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Additional AirPods 3 Features

The third generation of headphones offers a range of additional features, as it has fully supported surround sound.

The speakers also get an interactive EQ, which automatically reacts to your surroundings and can raise or lower the volume as needed.

But the headphones do not come with Apple’s unique effective noise isolation support, so these headphones remain weaker in terms of features with the AirPods Pro headphones.

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