Comprehensive review of the version of the operating system Android 12

Come System Android 12, which is expected to be officially released During this month With the biggest system update, specifically in the visual design that changes the way you use the phone with more features and functions to improve the use experience.

Android 12 and new design

The most obvious change, which is also the biggest incentive for most people to install Android 12, is the all-new visual theme built with a new design language called Material You from Google. This is the biggest design change in the history of the Android operating system.

The core design improvements in Android 12 are now much smoother. And the animations you’ll see when the phone is turned on or off or the charger is connected are all neat and smooth.

In addition to the aesthetic of notification popups, items in the quick settings drop-down menu, audio interface, and more.

Google’s goal with the new design language, Material You, is to standardize the look of all its devices. This includes smart screens, phones, and any Android device.

But for Android 12, the new visual optimization is all about giving you more flexibility to make your phone come alive and more vibrant.

Comprehensive review of the version of the operating system Android 12

Widget support

Among the most notable new improvements in Android 12 is support for widgets. You’ll find a colorful watch widget on the home screen along with many other widgets like the Memories widget that fetches photos from your Google Photos account.

However, Google has not packaged these widgets in dedicated pages like on iOS. Widgets take up a lot of the home screen.

In addition, the biggest update to the widgets was for Google Apps only. And third-party gadgets don’t look the same.

But because the official version is not yet available, it is expected that many third-party app developers will update their widgets to match the new look of the Android 12 operating system.

Reduce customization for themes

Windows 11 introduced support for custom themes which allow you to adjust the font type, application icon shape, and color scheme. But in Android 12, Google has reduced customization to focus only on the color you want it to appear.

This appears in some menus, buttons, widgets, and windows in the quick settings drop-down menu, including the original media player that appears in the notification screen.

And you can switch wallpapers by long pressing on the home screen. And then choose a color from a palette that is automatically generated from your wallpaper.

However if you just want to keep it simple you can choose from four pre-existing colors. Which looks different depending on whether you enable dark or light mode.

The system also offers the option of themed icons that convert all app icons to your preferred color for a more consistent look.

However running any third party app is not included. This appears to be Google’s intention to allow non-affiliated apps to render colors as they wish on your home screen.

Comprehensive review of the version of the operating system Android 12

Perform the most important functions in Android 12

Google has changed the functionality of the power button so that instead of pressing the power button, it will allow you to easily access your Google Pay wallet, smart home gadgets, and power settings from a single screen.

The power button function will now turn on the Google Smart Assistant as the switches for smart home devices and Google Pay have been moved to the bottom left and right of the lock screen.

This could dramatically change the way you use your phone by changing how you access these increasingly vital functions.

In addition there are several improved tweaks such as adding a screenshot feature that extends to the bottom of the page.

Android 12 also offers indicators that appear at the top of the phone’s screen when the camera or microphone is in use. And new quick setting buttons you can add to enable you to turn off the camera or microphone at the system level.

In addition, when an app asks for your location, you can now decide whether you want to give the app approximate or exact location information.

The system also provides one-handed mode once activated in the gesture menu. Simply swipe your finger down on the bottom edge of the screen to drag things.

The system comes with a plate New private information Give you a lot of information. Like how often apps access your location, call logs, or turn on your camera and microphone.

What phones are running Android 12 when it is released?

Of course, Pixel phone owners will be among the first users to get the new version as soon as it is officially launched. However, according to Google, it is expected that Google will push the new version of many smartphone models of third-party companies before the end of this year.

Finally, it seems that Google’s main focus in the release of the Android operating system 12 is on the visual aspect, which is what we see in many other operating systems such as Windows 11.

As a result, if you are enthusiastic, you will not regret installing the new version when it is released. It comes with an attractive visual design. The new additions and new design are very distinctive and offer a more customizable experience.

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