Conor McGregor criticizes Nate Díaz: “Remember who made you”


Conor mcgregor continues his rivalry with Nate diaz with a harsh verbal attack after being advised not to renew with UFC. According to The Mac LifeDominic Cummings, British political strategist, chief adviser to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has advised the Stockton fighter not to re-sign with the company.

Conor McGregor criticizes Nate Diaz

«Advised by whom? Does that rubbish think he’s a business expert or something? Brother, you had 15 fights in the UFC and you were in 20 thousand to fight for 20 thousand hahaha 15 damn fights. In UFC! A check for 20 thousand before taxes. Remember who made you«.

Speaking of doing … Let’s remember Diaz’s recent words about his fights with McGregor stating that with his boxing, which the Irishman criticized, he said that turned him into a wrestler (wrestler).

Conor McGregor, is my boxing crap?I smashed your face, turned you into a wrestler, and then I strangled you, bitch; in fact, all your country and your people are mine. I also did that fight and you took the bait. Then I kicked Jorge Masvidal’s ass. Don’t forget that I spin this shit.

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